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Inside-Out Branding

This is no ordinary graphic design firm. The Symbolist is not your typical graphic designer.  This is a heart-based business in service to the highest expression of the human soul.

The transformation I create for my clients is giving tangible expression to the fire in their hearts and essence of their souls. I help them claim their beauty and power and make it visible to the rest of world. I reveal them to themselves and to their ideal clients. I do this with a proven process, 20 years of experience, and a finely honed intuitive gift.

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A Different Approach



I have a different philosophy about branding than most graphic designers. I refuse to dress you up in a clown suit and try to convince the world you are something you are not. You are a unique, one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable soul that is doing what you do a little bit differently from another person in your line of business. You will reach customers no one else will reach. You will offer certain things, a certain way, no one else thought to offer. You deserve to shine. Clip art doesn’t cut it.

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The Symbolist



Tania von Allmen
The definition of a Symbolist:

“A person who uses and interprets symbols as a means of revealing aspects of truth and reality.”

Meet your new designer…

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Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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